Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wildlife sightings while on vacation

Luiz and I don’t have a really sharp eye for wildlife, but often times here in Brazil the little guys just come right up to you and demand your attention. Here are a few photos of some beautiful creatures that crossed our path while we were on vacation last week.

A Tiê-Sangue (Brazilian Tanager) came to visit us every morning while we ate breakfast in Trindade.

This little guy was part of a group of about a dozen sagui monkeys living in several large trees in a garden in Paraty.

We swam with these colorful beauties while at the Picina Natural in Trindade.

These 7-color "Brazilian flag" birds joined us for breakfast in Trindade.

Probably the biggest tree frog I've ever seen, seen here sitting on our veranda railing.

About the size of a softball, this sand crab gave us a start while walking the beach.

These toucans feasted on açai in a palm just outside our window in Trindade.

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