Sunday, May 2, 2010

Zozó's new apartment

We are thrilled that Zozó has her own apartment right here in Icaraí. It’s very cute.

You may recall that when Tonico died a few months ago (may he rest in peace) everything was tossed into the air. The house in Itaipú had to be sold. Monthly expenses at the house were too much to maintain during the – who knows – three months to three years it will take for probate court to run its course. It was time to shut down the house and move into a much smaller space easier to maintain and easier to afford.

A rather brief search identified a compact, ground level, two bedroom apartment just three doors down the street from Luiz and I (imagine my delight!)

We have been spackling, painting, and rewiring. We bought a new refrigerator, stove and microwave oven. Cabinets and shelves were brought in from the house. Space-appropriate furniture was swapped out from the house to the apartment.

It looks great!

It’s all pretty new. Zozó is not yet settled in, although she has had a steady flow of friends to help her get accustomed to her new digs.

A new chapter unfolds.

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