Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Battle of the bugs

We need a refrigerated pantry.  I’ve been getting schooled about how to live in this heat and environment - schooled by tiny bugs.  They are letting me know that my flour, corn meal, farofa, pasta, spices, dried beans and rice need to be kept in the refrigerator.

Our pantry shelves are lined with jars full of dried goods and Ziploc bags containing opened bags of pasta, etc.  I thought we had been doing a good job keeping things fresh and sealed away from unwanted intruders.

Invariably I wind up tossing out the last of the rice, or the beans, or the pasta.  Bugs.

Unsolicited advice to folks moving to Brazil: buy the BIGGEST refrigerator you can fit in your kitchen.  You will need it to keep your spices fresh and to keep the bugs out of your dried goods.

Someone should invent a refrigerated spice rack.


SN said...

My favorite is when the ants eat through your ziploc to get to the food.... ahhh. The ants are my biggest enemy here!

Nina said...

I feel you, its my war too right now. It's the heat. And it is not just my food, the little buggers are eating me too.

Gil and Ray said...


Wouldn't glass or plastic containers with lead help?
Well, at least you don't have to fight rats ;)

Jim said...

Ray - I am certainly trying to seal the jars with tight lids. That is the confusing part. I have even added a layer of multiple layers of plastic wrap to "seal the deal". Sometimes I lose the battle. It is as if the bug jumps in when I have the jar open.

Não é facil.

Jana @ Paper plains said...

ugggggh i hate even reading about it.. ive had a saved post for a while about my battle with the bugs... i can't believe they get into the spice rack?!!??! i didnt even think of that... wish i had bought a bigger fridge.. i did get some borax in the US as they say to sprinkle it around everywhere and in the cracks and the bugs hate it!!!

GingerV said...

I've thrown away pasta in an unopened bag - I'd say was too old to be sold. so use caution. I buy small bags of bean and use right away. there seems to be no price advantage to large bags here.

I have a large open plasic box that can old open bags - misc. stuff - in the fridge, I never buy more of fresh things than what we can eat in 3 days. leave room in the refrig for other stuff. Most my stuff in the cupboards is in glass jars with tight fitting lids - I've not had trouble....once in a while ants come in, but most bug arrive in the foods themselves.

Mallory said...

eep! i call those circle bean bugs because they make perfect circles! i freakerd out the first time because they were alllll over my food drawer, and i keep everything in locked containers now. Just a few days ago i went to open a bag of noodles (sealed, not opened yet) and it was full of them! the black circle bugs, they come with the dry food when you buy it and then spread in the pantry. now i scrutinnize the noodles before buying.....sick.