Friday, February 25, 2011

Have you been to Bahia?

I was searching for a full length copy of Disney's The Three Caballeros and found this curious but cute clip.  The very end seems to be a lead in to the other film.

[Leave it to Disney to portray Bahia/Salvador as a place sans Brazilians of African decent.]

Have You Been to Bahia? from Guillaume on Vimeo.

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Gil and Ray said...


It is very cool!
I understand your comment, but you have to remember that when Disney made this "Bahia/musical/cartoon" somewhere in Culver City, California, African Americans were still riding in the back of buses and using different restrooms.
They didn't have real opportunities, much less to star in a Disney musical of this magnitude.
Not to mention that at the time, the Brazilian population was mostly white, not in Bahia, Bahia has historically have a large percentage of African American population, but if Disney used Brazil as a reference, they would have a hard time to find Brazilians of African origin to portrait in a musical like this...