Monday, February 14, 2011

Gay freedoms - and violence

Yesterday, when Luiz and I walked home from the Ivete Sangalo concert we were feeling great.  We held hands as we walked the 8 blocks home (although we were constantly looking over our shoulder for a sour reaction from others on the street).  On one or two occasions we shared a quick kiss.

To our genuine surprise, there was no push back from the others on the street.  It made me feel really good about our neighborhood.  We were just being as all the other couples on the street were being. (Except they felt free to kiss a lot more.)

But then there is this recent incident in Lima, Peru.  Courageous lesbian, gay and trans citizens were determined to take a stand by holding a “kisses against homophobia” event.  Police officers hid their name badges and beat demonstrators.

Peruvian citizens of all descriptions are protected by law to freely assemble and voice their grievances.  But then – lesbian, gay and trans people never really get the backing of their government/laws.

Those in the video are brave people, indeed.


TLC said...

I just read this story today too

Peace and Tolerance is always the answer =)

Rachel said...

It's heartbreaking to see the very people who are supposed to protect our rights breaking them. I know it's not uncommon at all, but it still just pisses me off!

The people in the video are very brave!!

And I'm sorry you are Luiz don't feel the freedom to make out on the street as us straight peeps. If it makes you feel better, I bet you two have more sex! You know how boring we straight people get after a few years ;)

The Reader said...

So sad. Kind of leaves me I long for a world where equality is not just an illusion. (SIGH)