Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Luiz and I would love to have another slice of the cake I made yesterday for our birthdays party, but alas, there is none left!  Talk about a hit!  Our guests LOVED it and the kids had cream cheese smeared across their smiling faces.

My mother’s version of Carrot Cake (and dare I say, the US American-version of carrot cake) is totally different from the Brazilian version.  Here the cake is not as sweet (at least, not in my experience) and has a thin layer of chocolate icing on top.
As you can see, that’s not how we make it back in the States.
I had a hankering, so I went for it.  I did, however, modify my mom’s recipe just a bit, including adding some flaked coconut to the frosting to help bridge the cultural divide.

The full recipe with photos and step by step instructions is over on the Cooking In Brazil blog. Go give it a try.


Corinne said...

I have made US style carrot cake using a Dori Greenspan recipe and it was also a huge hit here in Brazil. I brought it to a family day at Kevin's school and only got a piece because I took the first one. I went back 10 minutes later and the whole tray (and it was a big tray) was gone! In my experience Brazilians really love US sweets (cookies, muffins, cakes).

Anita said...

I love the Brazilian ones, with chocolate on top but I am totally open for new recipes of carrot cakes. The way you made it reminds me rather o Dutch versions of it - Which are great, I have to say. Your looks chic, btw.

Fiona said...

Happy Birthday to you both!

Ray and Gil said...

Awesome looking cake Jim!
Happy Birthday to both of you love birds :)