Saturday, May 28, 2011

Warm comfort chicken drumsticks recipe

It has been unseasonably cold here. Really chilly-zinho.  The chatter among many local bloggers is about how to stay warm.  Personally, I am still walking around in my shorts, T-shirt and havaianas, even while the locals are sporting their boots, jeans, sweaters and scarves - although we have put a blanket on the bed.

An old trick from my San Francisco days (where vintage houses often have neither heaters nor air conditioners) is to find a dinner that will heat up the house over the course of preparing it.

Passing the butcher shop the other day I noticed that mini-"Drumets" were on sale.  So I came home and searched TasteSpotting for inspiration.

Yikes - the recipe I discovered and subsequently made was SO GOOD that I'm making it again today! [And heating my apartment.]

This recipe takes about 8 minutes to prepare - the rest is just baking it off in a very hot oven until it reaches your personal taste level for char and crunch.

I've posted the recipe and step by step instructions over on the Cooking in Brazil blog.  Check it out.

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bee and jay said...

yumm! Sounds delicious, although I think we'll have to wait till about October now before we want to have the oven on for that long!