Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some things ARE the same in Brazil and the US

Not my cake.  Photo from the scrumptious food blog "Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice"

You know how you think: “I’ll make the cake for our birthday party.  It will save us some money.  Bakery cakes can be so expensive.” At least, that’s what I think (unless there is a COSTCO nearby).

Well, I just ran the numbers.  I’m making a regular 9”x 13” pan cake that I will flip over and slice in two across the middle to make two layers, and then frost.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Check this out.

Flour:                               R$2.00
Butter:                                 5.60
Carrots:                                3.00
Eggs:                                       .80
Pineapple:                           3.50
Brown sugar:                      1.50
Milk:                                       .60
Cream Cheese:                20.00
Yogurt:                                1.20
Confectioners' sugar:        4.00
Etc.:                                      1.00

That comes to R$43.20, give or take, plus my time (and love for my guests).  So I guess the thought still applies here in Niterói – even if the cream cheese is R$20.

Stay tuned for the recipe and some pics.


Rachel said...

Cream cheese is R$20 there?! Wait, you must be buying a couple packs... that makes sense.

It may not be cheaper but I bet your cake will be better than one from the bakery!

Ray and Gil said...

Whole crap!
Thanks for the reminder, Brazil is freaking expensive!
Looking forward to seeing your cake and trying out your recipe!
I never knew Carrot cakes have Pineapple in them ;)
Good to know, I love Pineapple!

Ray and Gil said...


Just for fun, here is how much your ingredients would have cost you in the US:

Flour: R$2.00 US ( U$2,49 5 pounds )
Butter: R$5.60 US ( U$2,99 1 pound )
Carrots: R$3.00 US ( U$2,59 5 pounds )
Eggs: R$0.80 US ( U$1,59 dozen )
Pineapple: R$3.50 US ( U$3,49 unit )
Brown sugar:
R$1.50 US ( U$2,99 1 pound )
Milk: R$0.60 US ( U$3,49 1 Gallon )
Cream Cheese:
R$20.00 US ( U$1,99 8 ounces )
Yogurt: R$1.20 US ( U$0,50 6 ounces )
Confectioners' sugar:
R$4.00 US ( U$1,99 1 pound )

Etc.: R$1.00 US ( ? )

The Reader said...

Sounds yummy! Can't wait to see the recipe and photos.

And that is a LOT of cream cheese!! Wow.

Jim said...

Ray - I forgot to add in the walnuts. 180 grams $R8.80

Now it's pushing it to say it is cheaper to make it at home -- but I know it will taste better.

Reader - It's just 4 150 grms packages. I hope it is enough...

Ray and Gil said...


1 pound of shelled walnuts U$7,34!


bee and jay said...

Since it IS a cake post, we suppose this is as good a place as any to wish you a happy birthday, Jim. (A little ranting birdie tipped us off)

Best wishes from the Bobo Feed boys.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I hope the cake was as good as it sounds.

Mmmm. Carrot cake. Now I want a piece.

Meredith said...

Mmmm, I introduced Bolivians and Uruguayans to carrot cake while I was living in those countries and those people LOVED it! Yummmmm.

By the way, Happy Birthday!!!

Jim said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.