Saturday, July 2, 2011

Luiz health update

More or less every two months Luiz treks over to the National Cancer Institute in Rio for his periodic checkup.  Actually he does it twice, one day to have blood drawn (he has to get there early, they stop drawing blood at 8:00 a.m.) and then again a couple days later for the consultation.

His appointment is always 2:00 p.m., which is really more like they have a morning batch of patients and an afternoon batch of patients.  The afternoon batch begins 2:00 p.m. So inevitably he sits and waits in the ever-so-depressing waiting room. That said, yesterday Luiz waited 4 ½ hours before he was called in. (I was not there because Luiz would not let me come along – I got into a near shouting match with the arrogant, smarter-than-thau, “shut up and just do what I say” young medical team leader last time over a simple question.)
Luiz’s current doctor indicated that (for some reason) Luiz’s spot is almost at the end of the day, so he will always be called near the end.  Oh really – was someone going to tell us this?  His appointment slip always says 2:00 p.m. – but if their secret scheduling thing in the back has Luiz never seen before 4:30, why not tell him that? Needless to say Luiz was exhausted by the time he got home.
On the bright side – all of Luiz’s Complete Blood Count numbers were wonderful.  Things remain stable and some ticked in the better direction. Our “Watch and Wait / Worry” period continues.  It has been nearly three years since Luiz’ Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia diagnosis. He continues to maintain a healthy state of affairs.
This time around I’m going to add a health update for myself.
I’m about 15 days post gastric bypass surgery. I feel great, my doctor assures me all is going well, and I’m out walking twice a day. By Monday I’ll be up to 70 ml of puréed food every 45 minutes. Oh the possibilities! I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds.
Thanks all for your well wishes.


Rachel said...

At public hospitals, they normal put the more at risk or urgent patients first. Like where I gave birth to Luka, I was always one of the last ones in until my last month. By then I was considered priority... finally!

Congrats on Luiz's heath and yours! 30lbs! Holy Crap! I think you should wear a name tag to the blogger meet up because we are not going to recognize you!

SN said...

Glad to hear that both of you are continuing the path of good health! I had to laugh at the fact you are banned from the appointments- It's hard not to be defensive for a loved one :) I think it shows you really care.


PS- Are you taking weekly photos of yourself? Not that you have to post them but it would be a good idea that way you can see the progress you have made. It may not seem important now but when the weight loss starts to taper off it will help with motivation that you have accomplished so much. Make sense? Thinking of you!

Meredith said...

Great news x 2!

Luasol (Jane) said...

Glad both of you are doing well!

Ray and Gil said...

Hey Jim,

Great news!
It makes me really angry that they have to be so difficult!! Why stop colecting blood at 8am??? So they can nap the rest of the day?
what? They only have one person that does everything, the same nurse that draws blood works in the lab processing all the work? I don't see a practical, reasonable reason they have to offer such limited times for their service.
They should be available 9 to 5 like any normal lab, What the hell!
And set an appointment for 2pm and be seen at 4:30pm!!! Again, what's wrong with this people! How hard is it to set up an appointment and keep it?
I don't blame you at all for being mad at these jerks, I agree with Sara, you really love Luiz and it's not easy to keep quiet when you see your loved one going thru this kind of abuse.
I have gotten in trouble for doing exactly the same thing when I saw Gil being mistreated at the doctor's office in Cambridge.
These kind of things make me feel like moving back to Brazil and running for office to make sure these things don't happen anymore.
These people need to get something in their hard heads, THEY WORK FOR YOU! YOU PAY THEM! They are not making you a favor!
Glad to hear you two are doing good!


The Reader said...

So glad you are both doing so well! Thanks for updating, and may you calm enough to be allowed back one day so Luiz doesn't have to endure that wait all alone!

Gina said...

I am glad you are both doing so well, but reading about Luiz's ordeal makes me feel so bad...some days are like that for our patients and I usually try to bring in extra magazines and put them out and make sure they have bottled water to drink. When people have been stuffed together and waiting all day, they get very frustrated and almost always someone gets fed up - sometimes a fight even erupts!

Jim said...

Thanks all - The photos are a fun idea - I am noticing a difference in my face (thinner).

Reader - I'm not known for holding my tounge in the face of arrogant or ignorant authority figures. Sigh. And his doctor is not returning my emails...

Hopefully if Luiz just arrives much later he will wait less.

Jana @ Paper plains said...

Fantastic all around for you both! 30 pounds wow!!! think weekly photos is a great idea... will keep you in good spirits if you ever get down...