Thursday, July 21, 2011

Danielle in Niteroí

Thanks for the long weekend visit, Danielle.  It was great to have you here.

We did the Blogger Meet-Up, naturally. But we also toured through Niteroí and went back into Rio several times to visit with Lindsey and Rachel. Fun!

One night we cooked up a fajita extravaganza. Yum!

Come back any time grrl, and next time we hope Alexandre is feeling better and can join us.


Danielle said...

yay! So fun! I'm trying to get caught up on work, but I'll put up all the details (and pictures!) today or tomorrow. Thanks again for being such a great host, Jim. :) :)

Ray and Gil said...

I love this post!!!
The fajita extravaganza looks amazing! Mouth watering right now :)


Gina said...

I love it too - it is like when a tv show crosses over and goes into another tv show - so cool. Those fajitas look delish...