Saturday, July 23, 2011

You know you are getting used to living in Brazil when:

You can overhear the television commercial from the next room – and understand what they are talking about.

You know when the aipim (yucca) is not going to be tender and you banter with the vendor to pick out (and show to you) better quality roots.
You feel less inhibited about cutting to the front of the line if you only want to ask a brief question (although this still drives me crazy when others do it!!)
You never, EVER assume the driver in front of you is going to use their turn signal – or if they have it on that it has any  connection to their intention to turn or not.
Sipping coconut water with a straw out of a chilled fresh coconut on a hot day is better than (lousy) sex.
You stop bursting into laughter when you see the price of ordinary things (now you nearly burst into tears).
You know when the knife sharpening guy is nearby, where the pots and pans fix-it guy is, where to get your keys copied, which pharmacy has the best price (usually), which beach is your favorite, how much to pay the parking mafia, and when not to return your friend’s call because they were just being cheap to let it ring and then hang up so you would have to pay.
If you eat GLOBO biscoitinhos in traffic you have moved to native status.


Meredith said...

I'm getting there....:)

Anonymous said...

So true! Especially cutting the line to ask a question!:)

Anita said...

Pronto, já virou Niteroiense !

Mallory Elise said...

globo biscoitos...i think also you know you are getting used to Brazil if you are using your car horn on a daily (every few minutes) basis and also you turn into a psychopathic-raging-monkey demon when you enter a car and gracefully enter traffic. Did i tell you i hate all brazilians when they enter a car? i really hate driving here. brazilians are transformers and turn into evil rolling robots when they get into cars. and i think im turning into one as well out of defense. i feel like i need to wear a helmet. only time i've cut in line was at detran...but that was just so i could perform yet another psychopathic episode. So since im not at the beach the cocount water is pretty much only available at the park. and it's like 3 reais per coconut. guess that's a beach perk.

Rita Gomes. said...

Tks for visiting! :)

Born Again Brazilian said...

HA! Love this!!