Friday, January 13, 2012

Breast implants and public policy

Note I refrained from posting some of the outrageous images that come up when you Google breast implants.
I simply adore the social conscience exhibited by the Brazilian government. OK, so they are not perfect, but some decisions are so right-on.

In this case, silicone breast implants by a now-defunct French company have been seen to be crappy - specifically, they burst. Ouch. Danger.

So the government has ordered insurance companies and the public health system to cover the cost of replacements.

NEVER in the USA.

A bit more here.


--jenna said...

I've been following this as well. I think it's fantastic and smart to cover the cost of removal...but please tell me the public isn't paying for the new implants themselves? Surely there should be SOME out of pocket charge for those people for whom this is purely cosmetic surgery...the cost to the public system is probably lessened if the implants are removed before they burst, but it's a little outrageous to expect the gov't to pay for the replacements as well, no?

--jenna said...

I take that back, just read the O Globo article and it appears that the gov't only wants to pay for (and expect private plans as well) implants that rupture. Which is perfectly within their rights, but not really in the best interests of the silicone-enhanced public.

Jim said...

jenna - I'm not a fan of (surgically enhanced) big boobs, per se, but I love that a health risk is being addressed by the government in a responsible way.

In the States - you are on you own...

Jennifer Souza said...

Here. here, Jim!

Maria Lívia said...

Thanks for watching, thank you for being in my country, your opinion is too important! We are living in a government that loves his people!

Maria Lívia,