Friday, January 6, 2012

Octopus for dinner

Octopus - makaing it happen

My memories of octopus are of rubbery sea food that made me very frustrated on the sea shore. Chew and chew and chew.

But I have changed my mind. I'm a new believer. When cooked right, octopus is tender and fabulous.

I had Luiz buy me an octopus (way too small) and I experimented, to good result.

Then I bought three good sized octupi and made a wonderful Italian feast!

Tomato sauce and pasta - with octopus - what could go wrong?

It was terrific! Yum, yum, yum.

Sign me up for octopus any day.


Tom Le Mesurier said...

Hi Jim! How's it going? I love octopus too, but when I tried it a few months back, I really messed it up. We had a big octopus and it just turned into one big inedible ball of rubber. I heard that octopus/squid should either be cooked very quickly or very slowly. How did you cook yours? Got any tips?

Jim said...

For squid, the rule is less than two minutes or more than twenty minutes. I'm too new with octopus - but I cooked it for a good 30 minutes on low heat. It was very tender.

Tom Le Mesurier said...

Aha! That's a good rule to remember, thanks :)