Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ode to the ceiling fan

We don't use air conditioning, even though our reality is 90 degree heat during the day and 80 degree heat during the night. Simple ceiling fans keep us cooled enough to go on.

Granted, the fans are on nearly 24 hours a day. But the cost difference, and the ambient temperature more natural, we prefer the fans. We have a ceiling fan in the living room, the bedroom and the office. Only the kitchen does not have a fan. Although I will bring in a stand alone occilating fan on the worst of days when I have to cook.

In the early days I never understood why my in-laws would not turn on the overhead fan when the temperature was so punishing. They were 70 years used to this reality. I was new to the heat and 70 pounds overweight -- so it was nearly unbearable to me.

Now I live in the land of ceiling fans (and am quite thinner). A little breeze and a lot of heat -- it all works out.

Nights are spent under the fan (which we have set to vent UP rather than blow down) is perfect for a good night's sleep. Although I change the sheets frequently b/c of the sweat.

Moving air. Simple moving air. That seems to get us there. We are not living in a climate controlled environment. All is well. Life is good. (And it is HOT!)

Thank you ceiling fans!


bee and jay said...

Couldn't agree more! We hated having AC in the apartment- it always left us feeling cool & clammy.

We installed a ceiling fan in the bedroom- it's really the only room where it's necessary in our climate- and sleep like babes with it spinning silently above.

Nina said...

I used to love AC, now it's too cold. I just deal with the weather and like you said ceiling fans are great. We have two, and I want to buy a third.

But being in Sao Paulo is far easier then Rio.

Danielle said...

That's great that the fans work out so well for you. I've found that a ceiling fan combined with a little "climatizador" and an open window is a great combination. Our apt has an a/c but you can't change the temp: it's just "on" or "off". Dumb. It's not great for sleeping.

Lindsey said...

It's especially great if you live in an apartment that gets a great breeze!! here in Bota (close to the water) we have a fantastic breeze. Combined with ceiling fans and an open window, it's the most relaxing feeling!

But out in Jacarepagua, where the air stands still and the heat feels like a winter jacket, air conditioning at night is the ONLY way to survive :-/

If given the choice, I would always pick breeze and ceiling fans though!!

Staci Severns said...

I guess you just have to install an exhaust fan in your kitchen so you won’t have to bring in a standalone fan every time you cook. It would also release heat and let you cook with more fun! My mom just had one installed in our kitchen today and it seems like she will stay there overnight! LOL! That’s just how she loves cooking… Too bad I can’t always be at home to cook with her. =(