Thursday, March 12, 2009

Celebrating Zozó's Birthday

It’s that time of year – for our annual celebration of Zozó’s 69th birthday.

This year Zozó chose to go with an intimate, yet crowded dinner at a local restaurant with her closest friends. Since only a month ago we had a huge churrasco (BBQ party) to celebrate Tonico’s 78th birthday, it made sense to not go the whole huge party route one more time.

She took us all to her favorite pizza and pasta all-you-can-eat venue (just across the street from our apartment.) They know her over there and she gets the real royal treatment. So did all of us who came to celebrate her birthday.

I don’t think I’ve posted about the all-you-can-eat (‘rodizio’) pizza places. Brazilians will put anything on a layer of dough and call it a pizza: cheese and meat, sure – but also seafood, creamy bananas with cinnamon, chocolate sauce, cream cheese (-ish) and goiaba paste (referred to as Romeo and Juliet) – whatever (but try and find a vegetable! Good luck!) Savory, sweet, somewhere in between; it’s all pizza. Pizza is eaten with a fork and knife – and most savory pizzas are topped with a little ketchup – for that special touch!

We all enjoyed our night out together and Zozó was showered with kisses and well wishes for many more years to come.

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Anonymous said...

I just returned from Brazil this week. While we were in Santo Andre, Sao Paolo my husband and I ordered pizza. Wanting vegetables on my pizza I insisted that we order a ruccula pizza." No one orders that!", he said. We took the pizza to his uncle's -who was eagerly awaiting it. I felt so bad as I watched him as he opened the box. "What is this!!!"I liked it though;)- give it a try.