Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jim interviewed on

One of my most-visited online resources these past couple of years as we prepared for our move and then worked to get settled has been a terrific website of-by-and-for gringos in Brazil.

The friendly community of folks there have helped with everything from info on opening a bank account to reassurances that you are not dumb -- Portuguese really is that hard! It was on this site that I learned about the "Stable Union" permanent visa option that Luiz and I eventually used (successfully) to get me legal and working.

So I've done a bit to return the favor. The site has a regular column called "Brazil Through Foreign Eyes" wherein a newcomer to Brazil responds to a series of interview questions about their experiences. I'm the featured interviewee this month. Check it out.

Thanks again to for all the support they have and continue to provide me.

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