Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pedicure fest

Gotta love that in-home pedicure service thing that is so available in Brazil.

I came home today after teaching three English classes to find a mini pedicure station set up in our living room. Zozó had called her manicurist to come do her feet, then do Luiz’s. Lucky me I came home just as she was finishing up with Luiz. I said: “I want this too!”

So I sat back on the couch, put my feet (one after the other) into a bucket of soapy water, and placed them on the lap of the pedicurist.

My guess is that it has been four or five years (dare I reveal!) since I last had a pedicure. Nasty dead skin went flying when she grated off the calluses on my heels (yuck!)

But now we can all walk barefoot - proudly - around the apartment.

In-home pedicure: US$4.50

I’m loving it!

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