Friday, March 6, 2009

Becoming a teacher

Truth be told I actually prefer unemployment (and the beach) -- when it's an affordable option. If that's not possible I'll take a regular 9 - 5 job; Monday through Friday. Then of course you have the reality of having to make a living. So I teah English when I can.

Lucky for me being a native-born US American English speaker I have value in the English schools market.

FISK, a big language shool franchise in Brazil, with three locations in Niterói, has so kindly added me to their staff. In this case I am not just working for them for a wage -- they have officially signed my workbook - which means I'm an actual employee, with vacations and the coveted 13th salary (Brazilian workers get paid an additional month's salary in December as essentially an Xmas bonus.)

I'm having fun with the kids (so far I find the teenagers here MUCH - MUCH more well-behaved than had been my experience in the US.) And my boss is delighted to have an American on her staff.

My schedule is a bit erratic, but it is filling in. Between FISK and the other school I work for I'm almost getting to a living wage.

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brooke said...

I love that you're teaching! That's so fun. I bet you're a hoot! :)

Thought of you yesterday--I was meeting with a company and they asked me if we have RFL in Brazil, cuz their offices there would love to get involved. If I find out they do, I'll be recruiting you as a Team Captain! LOL!