Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bossa Nova Classic

Yesturday, while preparing a truck load of flowers for a gig on Monday, Luiz had the radio tuned to a station playing nothing but old time classics. Lost in his world of flowers I could hear him singing along to practically every tune.

For an hilarious walk down 60's memory lane check out this clip. Every detail from the wood paneled walls to the bee hive hair to the frilly blue hat on one woman's head is a hoot! Poor thing - she looks like a deer in the headlights.

For a more current and boundless take on the classic - check this out. Elis Regina groovin' at the Montreux Jazz festival. Still dated, however, at 1979.

The timeless Gal Costa does a wonderfully melodic version. Beautiful.

Bossacucanova jazzes it up a bit. (But not like Elis Regina!)

My personal favorite is Marina Lima's 2008 version.

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