Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flor de Luiz in yellow

Luiz was back at the Modern Art Museum Bistro for the one year anniversary party for a new private hospital in Niterói. As usual he dazzeled them with his vision.


Ivy said...

Lindos arranjos! Adoro flores amarelas

Zack said...

My favourite colours together.......white and yellow, really beautiful........zack

Donna Jean said...

So beautiful

Jim said...

Thanks everyone. Luiz sends his appreciations for your appreciations.

No, he does not know how to leave a comment on a blog post.

Such a sweetie pea.


GingerV said...

thanks for your cooking tips, will check out the web sites mentioned. I really can cook and do, just get so tired of the same things. I love making shrimp Stroganoff but wait until I find the small white mushrooms fresh then make it.... on coping skills I know you understand as few do.