Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teary marriage recommitment

Luiz brought down the house the other night with sincere sentimental words of praise for two friends celebrating 25 years of marriage, two wonderful kids and a friendship others aspire to. At a dual birthday party for two other friends we all surprised the married couple with a tribute to their exemplary relationship.

Luiz crafted a beautiful speech that hit all the right notes. He encouraged both Honorio and Risô to speak to each other about their love. And in the process Luiz had everyone in tears, including the two teenage children of the featured couple.

Super sweet. After about 30 minutes of open hearted loveliness – and hugs all around – we went back to the business at hand: partying.

Live music, beer, enough finger food for a week, dancing, two super gigantic cakes and banana cupcakes for the kids complete with plastic monkeys on top – that’s what I call qualidade de vida!

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