Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gay Pride in Itaipuaçu

Luiz and I spent Sunday afternoon with our friend Alexandre at the Gay Pride Parade in Itaipuaçu. Who knew such a small town had such a boisterous party for the LGBTs among them? It was inspiring.

Itaipuaçu is a “growing” community with only one paved road snaking its way through the now-sprawling community. All the other roads are ridiculously rutted and washboard to the point of near impassability. But the town grows.

And they have a really cool gay pride party at the beach.

There were two trio electricos (enormous sound trucks) and a main stage. The health department was out in force passing out condoms and promoting sex education. Overall it was very top notch – excepting that we were in the middle of nowhere.

Very nice. Who knew!?

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