Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girlfriend - take a pill

Oh my god -- or as the more hip might say: OMG!

You have to see this. Miss Gay Brazil was reveling in her moment of victory when Miss São Paulo got a little jealous and otherwise extremely upset and literally ripped the crown (and wig) off the new reigning queen.

OK baby – don’t be playin' with no drag queen, honey. She will cut you! You know that was not the end of it!

A shout out to my homeboy Tim for alerting me to this travesty. LOL!


Stephanie said...

I watched this video last night while my poor husband was sleeping, only to be awakened by my huge *GASP* and followed by laughter at the re-play! *tsk tsk* the green eyed monster is a terrible thing. I wish they would tell us how the retaliation is going down!

Jim said...

I can't stop laughing!