Saturday, November 14, 2009

Like mother like daughter

At a recent BBQ in Itaipú the girls were imitating their mothers. And I don’t mean by putting on their high heels.

Probably about half of the adult women in our circle of friends have gotten breast implants. Nothing enormous or freaky Vegas-like. Just a little enhancement. If you have seen many Brazilian women you know that their bodies feature large hips and butt and pretty modest (if not small) breasts. It’s just nature being nature.

Anyway – this cosmetic procedure has not gone unnoticed by the children. On this occasion at the pool water balloons served the purpose of breast enhancement among the girls.

Could it be cuter? I don't think so.


Rational Mind said...

I agree, very nice and very cute.

But be aware, nowadays anything that involves minors is a danger. See for example

Rachel said...

OMG, that is adorable!