Monday, November 2, 2009

Gay Pride Parade in Rio

More than 1.2 million gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and supportive people flooded Atlantic Avenue in Copacabana on Sunday for the 14th annual Gay Parade in Rio. The theme this year was "I have the right to live and love freely." The gathering is said to be the third largest event in Rio after Carnaval and New Years Eve.

In spite of a spitting drizzle that persisted all day long it was a great time full of good spirits, incredible eye candy and some very creative costumes.

There were 16 trio electicos pounding out entrancing dance music that kept people dancing in the street.

Expressions of pride, a political insistence on equality, and an end to homophobia were noted on banners hanging off the sides of the trio electricos. Speakers from various trucks took their microphones periodically to work the crowd into a prideful buzz.

And I had the pleasure of running into Carmen Miranda! (Although she looked a little worse for wear than I remember her from her movies.)

Here is one of the local newscasts about the parade:

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