Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pai e filho

Yesturday, while waiting at the bus stop on our way back from the central fish market in Niterói, a sweet older woman stood observing Luiz and I chattering away. She was all smiles.

The sun was blistering hot so I offered to step back into the bus shelter and open up some shade for her while we watched for our respective buses. "Não, obrigada," she said. No thank you.
Then she threw Luiz for a loop by asking if we were father and son. She enjoyed seeing such closeness between male family members. "Pai e filho?" she insisted.

Luiz was so taken aback he could hardly respond. I, of course, nodded my head and smiled. "Yes," I said. LOL!

This morning Luiz asked if he really looks so old as to be mistaken for my father. I assured him that he does not look old -- I look young!

We'll never see you again senhora, but thank you for really brightening my day!


Donna Jean said...

You both look great. Miss you,
peace and love

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