Saturday, November 28, 2009

Luiz in the heartland

A couple weeks ago Luiz joined a crew of researchers to interview drivers along the road between Brasília and Barra do Garças. It was a 10 day adventure with a nice salary to boot. He was invited to participate by a friend of ours who works for the Department of Transportation.

As with anything, the trip included bad moments and good moments. Chief among the bad moments were the very long drives in a crowded car to and from central Goiás state, where the research took place – more than 24 hours in each direction.

Standing on his feet under the punishing sun all day took a close second in the negative category.

On the other hand, the trip afforded some tourist time in Brasília, the nation’s capital. While being a city with a rather dreary reputation, the architecture is world famous as a central achievement in Oscar Niemeyer’s long and groundbreaking career.

Being in the middle of nowhere had the advantage of being habitat for exotic (although locally common) birds. He saw rare blue macaws, toucans, lots of parrots and the more common yellow, green and red macaws, plus eagles and an owl. They saw ant eaters, capivaras, snakes and vast expanses of cattle and horses.

Always a favorite for Luiz, their travels included some time at a spectacular multi-level waterfall.

The days were long and the sun never let up. But you know our Luiz: always staying on the brighter side of things.


TexasHeather said...

Beautiful waterfall! That was near Brasilia? Or somewhere along the route?? Would love to add that to my list of "must see places in Brasil." The longer we are here, the more places we see, yet the list is growing rather than shrinking....

Jim said...

Hi Heather. I know what you mean about all the places to see. We have been coming here for 10 years and have seen a lot -- and there is always more to see!

The waterfall is near Colcalzinho along BR153 - about two hours west of Brazilia. The name of the waterfall is "Salta de Corumbá de Goiás" It is in a small park.

There are well maintained hiking trails, a good snack bar and picnic area. R$10 entry fee, or free if you just want to go in and take a photo and move along.