Thursday, January 14, 2010

Big Brother Brasil

Big Brother Brasil has just begun its tenth season. It’s a very popular program, especially in our household. So popular, in fact, that Luiz actually sent in a completed book-length application questionnaire and a 5 minute video audition.

He’s so cute. Luiz has been secretly (and not so secretly) wanting to be a participant in this nationally televised reality show for a long time. When it came time to apply for the most recent season he pulled in a few favors to strategize with others who have applied in the past and to shoot the video with our friend Fabrinho who owns a photography/video studio.

Not one to stress in silence, Luiz spent the past several months chatting up our friends that he was an applicant. “I’m just putting it out there,” he would say. We both learned long ago that closed mouths don’t get fed. (Shout out to Craig.)

Well, there are two gay men among the 15 participants of Big Brother 10, but unfortunately neither of them is our Luiz. Sigh. One is a flamboyant and cute baby-gay (20 years old) and the other is a 44 year old gentleman who is a make-up artist by day, drag queen by night (and that would be 120 years old in gay years!)

Globo (the TV network) doesn’t know just how big a mistake they have made by not selecting Luiz. He is ideal for such a stint on television. Lord knows he could keep a microphone busy. Perfect for 24-hour TV. And I was looking forward to having him out of the house for three months!

But seriously, the real story is how nice it is to be engaged in the pop-culture of our new home. While some might not think too highly of reality TV (I get that), we are enjoying feeling the cultural vibe and being participants.

Cross your fingers for BBB 11.

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