Friday, January 29, 2010

Feed the pig

Luiz is a master at saving money. When we first met I still had some student loan debt and I was running a (small) balance on one of my credit cards. He was aghast. Then he taught me his favorite axiom for staying debt free: “Don’t put your hand where your arm can’t reach!”

Once I was debt free I could really begin saving the money that has helped us make this transition without too much financial pain.

Now that we are here and earning a fraction of what we used to, saving money has been sort of impossible – except for the pig.

Luiz brought with him his pink porky pal and in the first few days after we arrived he declared the pig only ate one real coins. The pig became our travel funds savings device.

Now, two years later, the pig has literally filled to capacity with one real coins.

Time to pull the plug on her belly and count the coins.

This is where you call the kids in to learn a lesson about saving money. I counted the coins. How much do you think? R$500? R$800?

That hungry little porker helped us save R$1,328 rather effortlessly. Amazing.

Machu Picchu here we come! Yahoo!


forhever said...

That's a flood it is formed by small with having 1 real in coin form I am sure that helps save as well..COngrats..btw..really enjoy your posts..very wide array but always interesting amount of topics...

Jim said...

thanks forhever - just keeping it real...


Anonymous said...

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