Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Viradouro in Niterói

As we get closer to Carnaval the various schools rehearse in the street, or more rarely, in the Sambadromo itself. We missed our chance to see our hometown favorite school Viradouro do a run-through in the Sambadromo. But last weekend we went downtown to see them parade down main street – in all their glory. The folks in green are from Cubango, a sister-school working their way up to the big leagues.

I’ve said it before – there’s nothing like 10,000 Brazilians singing, dancing, and making music all to the same beat. I can’t get enough.

Here’s a quick look at the fun last Saturday.

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TexasHeather said...

One of our early experiences here was a bloco the weekend a week before carnival. No samba band or anything, just the music on a truck, intersections shut down, and streets full of people, slowly making their way around a few city blocks.

We watched the first pass from our 11th story apartment, and joined the 2nd pass *over an hour later* when it came down the other side.

That will likely always remain one of my most "Brazil" moments. Your rehearsals and blocos are making me jealous!