Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping it real - and delicious

When Luiz and I were packing up all our worldly belongings in San Francisco to move here two years ago, I hoarded a huge stack of cookbooks in my “must go” pile. I love to cook and I particularly love to cook ethnic meals and fancy baked goods. After forcing myself to pare down the choices, I brought with me 12 different cookbooks (plus some choice magazines and booklets).

Now I think – what was up with that? The internet crosses all culinary boundaries and offers an infinite number of recipes, basic and more complicated.

Plus – the internet has given me access to Brazilian recipes I then encourage Luiz to make for us (see earlier post regarding my not cooking Brazilian meals).

Some sites and blogs inspire me to try new things. Some remind me how to do the most basic things without fail (like banana pancakes). Mostly I enjoy perusing the net for something new using available ingredients.

Here are a few sources I use to keep me excited and to help me cook my best.

Ceramic Canvas
Cooking Light
Cozinha da Nina
Hoje em Dia
Mais Você
Smitten Kitchen
Technicolor Kitchen
Weight Watchers
Worlds Healthiest Foods

And of course I simply Google searches for recipes when the question arises.


Regina said...

Hum, I can picture myself interviewing you about the best Brazilian cooking books in English, how tough it is to adapt to kilos, pitadas, weird ingredients...

Anonymous said...

Ah just what I needed to read today:) Currently living in Nagoya Japan and am trying to pare down my cookbooks(and a mountain of other books) to move to Brazil in March.

Fabio Bossard said...

I should write about your culinary post, but instead I chose to write down the words I learned. Here they are:
to hoard
to pare down
to peruse

It's crazy how there is always some word to learn.

TexasHeather said...

It's funny, I brought my favorite cookbooks, too, and they mostly sit on the shelf as I realize US books with recipes calling for un-findable ingredients -- not so helpful.

Web based cook books/recipe ideas, definitely all I need. Thanks for the links!

Jim said...

Regina - looks like Heather could add her voice to the frustrations of cooking native country meals in another land.

Anita - trust yourself. I brought some books just for the comfort factor, but like Heather I rarely pull them off the shelf.

Fabio - I know what you mean... I like to say "Those Brazilians - they have a word for everything!"

Heather - I have this terrific visual dictionary that helps me get the Portuguese translation for all kinds of weird things, like spices, etc. Comes in handy -- not that I can then find the ingredients. I made pickled carrot sticks the other day (always on a diet!) and could not find dill weed - anywhere.

I think I've fixed the broken links. Do share any sites you find useful.

Danielle said...

Hi Jim!

Congrats on your two years in Brazil!! :D Do you miss San Francisco? I went to Berkeley, and I miss the Bay Area so much!

I wanted to let you know that I just made a cooking blog. It's meant for Americans living in Brazil and trying to figure out how to cook here. :) Feel free to send in any recipes! I hope it helps:

Have a good week!