Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti touches Brazil

It has been truly heart wrenching to watch the news regarding the disaster in Haiti. And here in Brazil people have been watching with interest in particular because the Brazilian people have been providing a disproportionately large number of so-called peacekeeping forces on the ground over the past few years in Haiti through the United Nations.

Given the similarities between some of the shanty towns in Haiti and those here in Brazil, the “officials” have declared (rightly) that we have a bit of experience to bring to bare (unfortunately).

So there were an unusually high number of our people there – and as such an unusually high number or Brazilians have been killed in the disaster.

I have nothing to add to the commentary, but I would hope that the following piece recorded after the Katrina disaster in New Orleans keeps us focused on what we can help make happen in Haiti moving forward.

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