Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting out there

This past weekend was different – and wonderful - for sure.

Luiz got called away to a super unique orchid exploratory tour on Ilha Grande. One of our friends specializes in green business ambiances and he had a space open in his weekend learning opportunity on Ilha Grande.

Never one to pass up a chance to travel for free , Luiz took up the offer to go exploring the forests of Ilha Grande looking for orchids compliments a corporate account.

My weekend included two meet ups with fellow bloggers. On Friday I enjoyed a fabulous lunch in Ipanema with Ginger and her husband Camillo. I was returning to her books she had lent me months before, and she was passing on many more books she thought I might enjoy. You can enjoy Ginger’s blog here.

Lunch was terrific and our conversation back at Ginger and Camillo’s apartment was wonderful. It is SO NICE to meet up with folks with whom I can converse without struggling over every sentence. And both Camillo and Ginger are a delight! [Thank you for your hospitality!]

Then on Saturday it was our Blogger meet-up on Copacabana beach. In spite of early morning rain, the day turned out perfectly sunny and warm. Meeting Rachel, Lindsey and our new friend Greg made for a perfect ten afternoon. So much gossip. So much ti, ti, ti. It was as if I were fluent in Portuguese and talking with old friends. Wonderful.

I can report that you do not realize how limited your Portuguese is until you spend time with friends just speaking your native language. No head aches. No frustrations. You can even understand everyone when they are all shouting over each other. (ahh – the old days…)

Thank you my new friends – Rachel, Linds, Greg – it was a perfect afternoon. We will definitely repeat this adventure and we will be inviting all of you readers to join us.


Jean said...

Sounds like the blogger/expat meetup was a blast! Like a breath of fresh air to be able to express yourself without having to think about grammar or conjugation ;-) Already looking forward to joining the next one!

The Reader said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! I definitely hope to be at the next one.

Rachel said...

It was a blast! We must plan the beach outing next

Greg said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the great get together. I had a fantastic time meeting and talking with you, Rachel and Linds. I forgot to mention that my wife, Monica, has an uncle who also lives in Niteroi. We had lunch with him and his boyfriend over there a few years ago at some gigantic seafood market. That would be a great place for a future meetup!

Jim said...

The beach destination sounds good and the Niterói fish market is a great idea. I like the idea of the next meet up being in Niterói. ;-)

Greg, I wrote about the Niterói fish market here