Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogger meet-up report back

The blogger meet-up was great.
Today was not a classic Carioca beach day. The weather report put the max temp at about 78 degrees F. I like to think of it as if we lived in Massachusetts. Like we had a cabin on the Cape. It’s getting on into the fall. Everyone loves to go to the cabin, but the weather is a bit foreboding. But – damnit – we are going to go to the cabin one more time, and enjoy the Cape once again, before we have to close it up for the winter.

There we were today on the beach in Itaipú. All smiles. The sun was strong. The sky was blue. But the nasty wind kept buffeting us all afternoon. It is still early spring. In fact, the wind was tricking us into thinking that we were not getting a strong dose of sun rays. The smart among us kept reapplying sunscreen. Others just kept frying with a cool breeze convincing them all was just fine.

Peggy with her two friends (shame on me for not recalling their unusual [to me] names, one from France now living in Rio and one from Switzerland, also in Rio. My bad. Wonderful folks) and Rachel with husband and two adorable sons in tow (her husband is adorable, too). And I brought my beaux Luiz as well.

We missed you Linds and Jean - and others.
It was great to converse in English, learn the details of our pasts and desired futures, and share a lunch on the beach together. We have so much in common and so much to share. That was clear. Great time!

Itaipú beach made an impression on folks. After everyone left to return home Luiz and I hung out for another hour or so to see the evening approach and the beach calm.

It was a terrific afternoon and one that brought us all a bit closer.

See you all (and others) next time.


Rachel said...

We had a great time! And Daniel and I did get a little burnt. Oops. I loved the little village and the food was very tasty. And I must say, that Luiz of yours is quite a catch. Good job!

Fiona said...

Aw. Wish I was there. Maybe next time :)

Linds said...

That's a promise...
Looks like you had a great time!!! Missed you all too.

Jean said...

Such a bummer that we missed a fabulous time! Fingers crossed for the next one...