Monday, June 28, 2010

Arrivals and departures in lush Rio style

One of the universal pleasures of traveling to Rio is listening to the incredibly sexy voice of the woman announcing arrivals and departures at Rio’s International Airport.

Waiting for our friends to exit the arrival security area is turned into pure enjoyment listening to her sultry swoon over the public address system. Such a welcoming gift as one arrives in this remarkable city (and a soothing balm when you are bummed about your departure).

It turns out the woman behind the voice has been melting hearts with her vocal talents for decades. She has had an incredible career. You can listen to her announcements at Rio’s Galeão Airport on this video, but for clearer recordings of this siren's voluptuous voice, go to her website and put on your headphones.

Note to airport designers: why go with a modern computerized announcement system when you can fill the air with the personal impact of the human voice?

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Linds said...

Ba hahahaha! I don't know why it's funny - it just is. I like it.