Monday, June 7, 2010

Gay Pride Parade in São Paulo

It is the biggest party of its kind on the planet, and it just happened yesterday in São Paulo: the 14th Annual São Paulo Gay Pride Parade. This year they expected more than 3.2 million people. The event, of all major events in São Paulo, is said to bring the greatest number of tourists to the city.

The theme repeated throughout the event was for LGBT people and their allies to VOTE in the upcoming elections for candidates who will support a national plan to combat homophobia, support recognition of gay marriage, and criminalize (with enforcement) homophobic violence against LGBT people.

When so many Pride events in the United States have evolved into corporate-sponsored “let’s just have some fun” events, it’s good to see some LGBT political activism front and center.

These images were taken from two newspapers that covered the event. Follow this link and this one to see more in a couple of great slideshows of the parade.

Happy Gay Pride São Paulo!


The Reader said...

It IS good to see them promoting civil activity, voting, political change, etc. I had no idea it was yesterday, but what a terrific turn out. I am not able to vote here, but I do hope the voters turn out in support of these issues; our world needs more acceptance, tolerance, and equality for all people.

Miss Phae said...

BRAVO!! What an amazing number of participants,, WOW!!

Now to get the votes out and a solid support for the community! That is the trick getting people to register and actually VOTE!! Just like here!!
Hope all is well with you and Luiz,, Miss you dearly!!
XOXO, Miss Phae

Fabio Bossard said...

Hey Jim,
I've been away for a while, but I'm back..hehehe..I went to the Gay Pride last week in Copacabana and it was cool seeing old ladies and families there and the drag queens on the trios electricos making speeches about gay rights, but the overall felling I got from the audience was exactly the one “let’s just have some fun". I thought they took it more seriously in the US.

Jim said...

Reader and dear Miss Phae - It's a shame human rights have to pass a popular vote, but alas...

Fabio - welcome back. There are definitely pockets of people in the States who keep the politics in Pride events, but when you see so many corporate sponsorships and gay bar-sponsored floats the comercial aspect of it all starts to drown out the politics.

Mila Denlescki said...

I live in São Paulo.
The gay parade is an amazing party. Everything stops in the city, because everyone is in Avenue Paulista.

Even the president (Dilma Rousseff) attended.

Can't wait for the next.
Sorry about my poor english! :D