Friday, June 18, 2010

Luiz health update

Last week's visit to the National Cancer Insititute in Rio showed that Luiz continues to maintain stable complete blood count numbers with most indicators within or nearly within normal levels. In many cases the fluctuation is within the margin of error. We like that.

It has been two and a half years since Luiz was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. In general his numbers are nearly what they were at the beginning of this “watch and wait” (wait and worry) period of the disease. There are some patients who remain in this stable period for nearly a decade before having to address a more aggressive stage. We continue to believe that to be the case for Luiz.

If a positive attitude and joy in your heart has anything to do with maintaining good health then Luiz is likely to outlive us all. He truly is an inspiration to others and brings a smile or a laugh to everyone he comes in contact with. Heck, even the house plants love him! Lucky me. Lucky us, to have Luiz in our lives. Hang in there sweetheart. We love you.


Rachel said...

Congrats to Luiz and congrats to the two of you!! Was Luiz's health one of the reasons you two came to Brazil?

Jim said...

Actually, Rachel, we were caught completely off guard. We had been planning our move for five years. Then a couple of months prior to our departure (plane tickets bought, apartment surrendered, employment about to end...) we got the news. I worked furiously to get all the tests we could get via our terrific health insurance to set a baseline for Luiz.

Since then we have experienced EXCELLENT and totally FREE care from the Cancer Institute.

There may be problems in the future if treatments available in the US are not yet approved here. But that is for another day.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Anonymous said...

Right on-- so glad to hear, guys. Keep the updates coming.

Anonymous said...

oops-- the above "right on" is from me -- Alex. Beaming love your way always.

michael chae said...

Good to see this and a sweet update. More power to Luiz!

Anonymous said...

Jim and Luiz,,I am thrilled to hear Luiz is doing so well,,it stirs my heart so deliciously!!

Please do keep in touch,,

Big Smoocehes to you Two dear Men..

With Peace,Light and Love,, Miss Phae

Jim said...

Thank you everyone.

Big hearts.

j & L