Monday, June 28, 2010

The waters part for the national team

Work? Why work? Go to school? Why? Brazil continues to win World Cup games. Everything else can wait.

I attend Portuguese language classes at the State University in Rio every Friday. Let me correct that. We have classes on the Fridays that do not conflict with Brazil’s team playing in the World Cup.

We were warned at the beginning of the semester (back in March) that there may be “interruptions” should Brazil’s team realize success and have World Cup games scheduled during class times.

Two weeks ago our class was cancelled and now, given the victory today, this Friday’s class will be cancelled (postponed) as well.

Forgive me if I point out the obvious – but aren’t language classes more successful when they happen regularly and without long intervals between classes? (But this is the World Cup - not to mention other holidays along the way.) This is when I remind myself that I’m paying only R$150 for the entire semester.

Two of my classmates (one from China and another from New York) have had to drop out because they (foolishly) thought the class schedule was set, but have since discovered they will have to miss two classes due to unforeseen extensions to the class schedule.

Honestly – I love Brazil. Where else will your boss tell you that you MIGHT have next Friday off – IF the futebol team continues to win in the World Cup?

(You can file that in your “Never in America” file.)

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Anonymous said...

I wish workaholic America would allow paid time off for soccer games! That will never happen.