Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brazil vs. North Korea

Today is a de facto holiday. There’s nobody on the streets, few cars, empty buses. Even the banks will be closed by game time. Did I mention that today is the first game for Brazil in the World Cup? All my students for today have either cancelled or rescheduled. This is serious.

Luiz and I have the largest television screen among our circle of friends, so we will be hosting a game viewing party. Fine by me. Everybody is bringing food and drink. Luiz is making a scrumptious chicken risotto (Brazilian style) and I’m making two pies: one chocolate cream pie with strawberries and the other a first-time caipirinha cream pie.

And so the World Cup mania increases.

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The Reader said...

Have fun! We'll be watching up here, wearing our yellow & green in support of "our" team, etc, etc, etc. If the caiparinha cream pie turns out well, you know a recipe is more or less required now you've mentioned it, right? Sounds delish!!!