Monday, August 2, 2010

0 for 2

Today I must be in a critical mood. Or maybe it’s just the ignorance that sometimes surrounds me that has gotten me started.  Today that ignorance was displayed by two Americans.

First, earlier this morning I came across this post at Pam’s House Blend LGBT news/commentary blog that really twisted my skirt. It’s about the joys of being a gay person in Brazil, written by a straight guy. I will not re-post it here. Follow the link to watch the fireworks. After reading his brilliant remarks I just had to smack him down point by point. Again – the fun is after the jump.  I posted comment #5.

Don't sell Pam's blog short however, I generally enjoy it and visit it a couple times a week.  This particular post was from a visiting author.

Then a little later I chanced upon this brilliant video from a bartenders’ school (of all places!) that demonstrates how to make a caipirinha. It is hilarious in it’s ignorance. I have never, ever seen anyone make this common cocktail in this manner. Take a look.

He basically gets it all wrong, from the pronunciation of everything (generally excusable, but not really if you are an instructor at a bartender school) to the choice of cachaça (that reed-wrapped bottle of Ypioca he holds up is a dark variety and most people would recommend a white cachaça for caipirinhas), to the use of simple syrup (never seen this, although It would work just fine), to the inclusion of club soda (WTF?) and then the use of sweet and sour mix (never!). Then he does not stir/mix/shake his cocktail. Also I noticed that he used a different cachaça from below the bar than he showed in his explanation.

Oh well. I don’t mean to go negative today, but these two encounters begged me to.

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Danielle said...

Oh man. I didn't go onto the site about how great gay life is in Brazil, because I think it would be too offensive and irritating. But I did watch the ridiculous caipirinha video! What a crock! What a liar! I love how he said he learned all those things from bartenders in Brazil. If he'd really been here, someone would've taught the poor ignorant sap the word "pinga".