Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brazilian fashion - always upscale

If you are not already monitoring the Made In Brazil blog - you should be.

Great fashion, total joy, nothing but eye candy - girl and boy (OK, mostly boy).

The author is committed to promoting Brazilian (male) models.  True inside ti ti ti.

[Luiz does TV - I do the internet.]

The other blog I love for women's street fashion is Rio Etc.  If I were a woman this would be my go-to spot for being fashionable on a budget (or not).  Take the tip ladies.

But then, what do I know...


The Reader said...

LOL - so, I read this earlier this morning, checked out both sites, then you were back at the top of my blog roll so I thought, "what's new at Jim's blog...?" -- you'd added the photos, that's what. I got a nice chuckle out of your choices : )

thanks for the links; I need all the help I can get, navigating Brazilian fashion from a US SAHM perspective. My jeans and comfy tees just do NOT translate to Brazil....

Jim said...

Hehehe - you caught me - not a lot of "fashion" on that guy, eh?! But he happened to be the image of the day over at Made in Brazil.

I did mention the eye candy aspect, however.

Rio etc. should make for good reading/viewing -- very practical!

Anonymous said...

the man in the first picture looks sooooo freaking hot :)

really nice blog
I'm a your new follower
Hope you read my blog too

Jim said...

Thanks Mauro - nice to have you here. I'll check out your blog too.