Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some things are just stupid crazy

I've been following a new discount website that delviers a daily special at a local business to my email.  It can be 60-, 70- or 80% off the original price.  Kinda fun.

Forgive me if I laugh.

Today the discount was at a "Tex-Mex" restaurant in Priatininga.  You may recall I recently saw this place out of the window of my passing bus and thought I might go there.

Well, according to the "discount" opportunity the usual chicken wrap costs R$19.50 (offered today for an exciting R$7.00).  WTF?  A chicken wrap for $20?!  There is problably R$2.00 worth of food in that item.  Where do Brazilian restaurantuers come up with this stuff?  Can you say highway robbery!?

Sorry guys -- never.

Back in San Francisco you can get a "wrap" or a burrito for US$4 that is as big as you arm and impossible to eat in one sitting.


Ray Adkins said...

It is insanity, I find restaurants in Sao Paulo and Rio are absolutely crazy expensive.
Even if you compare it with Los
Angeles or New York city, the Brazilian rivals are more expensive.
I hosted a dinner for clients at the Sao Paulo Renaissance Hotel last September, 5 people, they offered us the Chef's special, which means, the Chef was going to cook and serve us a variety of Brazilian themed dishes, we thought that sounded like fun and interesting for all the foreigners present, and it was until I got the bill for R$1800,00 Reais!
Are you freaking kidding me? We weren't served expensive rare Italian truffles and we had a reasonable wine selection...nothing fancy.
Just road robbery!
Excellent service, great meals but it comes at an astounding price and completely unrealistic with Brazilian salary standards, heck, even for American standards, just expensive period.

Jim said...

OUCH! I hope you continue to get their business!

I once considered myself a "foodie" back in San Francisco and ate at some really terrific places. But now I keep it simple so as to not spend a weeks wages on a meal.

Sushi is our one splurge we cannot postpone when the bug bites.