Monday, August 2, 2010

Cost savings on fun in your area

Hey fellow residents of Brazil – have you seen this: Peixe Urbano? It’s a site offering daily (or near-daily) discounts on stuff in your city. I learned about it over at the Eyes On Brazil blog.

Today in Rio the Saveiros Tour company offered their Guanabara Bay Tour (by skooner) tickets (normally R$40) for just R$18. They sold so many (2,518 tickets) they had to shut down the offer. Also today in Niterói are lunch discounts of 58% at an Italian buffet joint at Plaza Shopping. In Belo Horizontes it’s a 60% discount on German beer at Choperia Germano. São Paulo has a 55% discount on a live comedy show.

It got my attention and now it’s bookmarked. Check it out.


Rachel said...


Jean said...

Good to know for future reference. Thanks! Btw is there a feature on your blog that indicates when new comments are made? I've searched but can't find any...I'm probably just an idiot and have overlooked it

Jim said...

In the Leave Your Comment column when I post using my Google Account there is a checkbox right below that that asks if I would like to receive an email when follow up comments are posted. When posting on others' blogs I sometimes check this but I must say it rarely seems to work.

It is present now as I type this.

I dunno - I am pretty computer illiterate and just feel my way along hoping for the best.

The Reader said...

Thanks, Jim! Signed up for emails for my city! Looks like a good deal.

Jean said...
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Jean said...

Thanks, Jim. Found the checkbox thanks to your tip.