Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is hard for so many

I am struck by the images portrayed in this documentary video of an elderly woman living in a Rio favela who is simply trying to get to her doctor's appointment at the hospital. Simple, practical, without complaint. But should it be so difficult?

Take a look at Dona Maria's trip to the hospital.

Those readers who have known me for longer than my blogging days know that I have been a social justice and social service advocate (and fundraiser) for my entire professional life.

You will hear more from me in the future about how we might all offer some real assistance to favela residents like Dona Maria. Stay tuned. It is difficult to stand idly by.

This video and others are posted at Mundo Real.

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The Reader said...

Staying tuned and looking forward to what you come up with to help in a practical way. It is heartbreaking to see the poverty here, literally right at wealth's doorstep. Very humbling. To put a face to it, like Dona Maria....thank you for posting that and opening a lot more eyes to the problem.