Friday, September 24, 2010

Brazilian Blogs and others I follow

I’ve been listed as a favorite blog by another blogger (thanks Rachel) and the request is that I now list ten blogs which I find particularly entertaining, useful, beautiful, politically satisfying, etc. This post will be a quick tour through my online blog community world.

Dare I admit that I spend about the first 2 hours of my day flipping through a battery of blogs I keep and eye on. Some for the gossip, some to stay current with the buzz on LGBT political wires, several to keep up with my expat blogger friends mostly in Brazil, a couple local blogs to stay current with Rio and Niterói goings on and one back in the Bay Area while we wait for Brooke and Raph to have their baby (she’s at the hospital as I type!)

Here’s where I might visit on any given morning:

1) Keeping up with the expats, their joys, discoveries, gripes and growing children I visit: Adventures of A Gringa In Brazil, Blood Pearls, Corin in Exile, Danielle in Brazil, Expat American Living in Brazil, Eyes on Brazil, Flowers and More, Living on the Road Less Traveled, Musings on the Move, O Mangue, Our Crazy Happy Life, Paper Plains, Post Cards from Brazil, Rachel’s Rantings in Rio, The Salty Cod, The Tao of Me – among others

2) For Brazilian cultural insights, current pop culture/fashion, musical celebrations and cooking/cocktail discoveries I visit: Brazil Phenomenon, Cachaçagora, Caipirinha Appreciation Society (music), Deep Brazil, Life in Rocinha, Flavors of Brazil, Made in Brazil, Murder is Everywhere (Monday posts by L. Gage), Nossa! Brazilian Music and Culture, rio etc., and The Good Blood – among others.

3) For my daily dose of LGBT news and progressive politics back in the states I visit: Crooks and Liars, Pam’s House Blend, Planet Money, The Conscience of a Liberal, The Huffington Post, The Rachel Maddow Blog, Towleroad, and Truthdig – among others.

4) Living locally requires keeping my ear to the rail. For this I check here: Blog de Niterói, The Rio Times (not a blog, but I go there), plus various newspaper websites and each month I check out Rio’s official guide. If you know of cool blogs (can be in Portuguese as well) please let me know.

5) Then for my daily dose of Portuguese language instruction I check out: English this Way (for a reverse lesson), Portuguese Blog, Sonia Portuguese Word of the Week, StreetSmartBrazil Blog – among others.

Yikes – that’s a few more than ten blogs… but if anyone asks in the future I can just point them back to this post.

As you know the internet is a big place – by all means please remind of the blogs I forgot and comment on blogs you enjoy or websites that I might find interesting to visit. Most mornings I do not have to race off to work, so if I need to spend 3 hours online… so be it.


Danielle said...

Seems like a great, cohesive list, and thanks for mentioning me! But Daniel in Brazil? Have you thought I'm a boy all this time?! :( :(

:) Have a good weekend!

Jim said...

Oops - love ya ---- fixed.

Anonymous said...

Great list, I've added a couple of your Brazil links to my morning read also. Since I feel like a relative newbie here, I'm always on the hunt for more.

Your blog's been on my list for a while, and I love the way you write about so many different subjects. Never know what we're going to get, but it's always good!

Thanks for including me.

Fabio Bossard said...

Yayy! Thanks for listing my blog.

Linds said...

Thanks for the shout-out my friend :)

Fiona said...

Thanks for the mention. And yeah-- I love that Sonia website for portuguese.

You've got a lot of reading to do!