Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup

This is a cross-post of sorts from Eloisa's terrific blog about Brazil: The Good Blood. If you are not already following her work, I highly reccomend it.

It seems fitting in this country of all-things-futebol that Rio will be the host of the 8th Homeless World Cup.  Between September 19 - 26 there will be teams from 64 nations competing on Copacabana Beach in a world-class, international futebol tournament.

According to the Homeless World Cup website, 30,000 homeless people from all over the world have been in training to find a spot on the team that will represent their country.  All that work comes to a head in just over a week.  I'm looking forward to checking it out.

A ball can change the world.  Are you in?


Rachel said...

How could I not be in!

Fiona said...

Thanks for sharing the link to The Good Blood-- a really intersting blog.

sarah&paulo said...

Jim, Rachel,all that follow,
I saw their documentary in July and was really inspired. After reading your blog this am I wrote for more info. And, to my delight they are still looking for volunteers during the event in various capacities.

My husband and I are planning to sign up. If anyone else would like to join us or would be interested contributing on their own I can pass on the information.



lifeinrocinha said...

I want to go watch and support these players..awesome idea! Jim if one day you want to go..lets go together!


lifeinrocinha said...

sarah, can u send me the info about volunteerng? my email is below

thank you,


Mallory Elise said...

ahahah, isn't this crazy!? i heard it on the news from the kitchen and actually went to watch the report. my husband was laughing hysterically. Too bad it's in Rio ;)

Jim said...

Sarah - please do post a link or other info. Thanks!

sarah&paulo said...

There are a week of events and ceremonies so many opportunities to help out.

Get in touch with:

Catriona Kay
Rio 2010 Homeless World Cup Event Co-ordinator

Brynn said...

Damn! Just when I move away from Rio. Figures. If you go, you simply must post an update with pictures!

sarah&paulo said...


Can you send me your e-mail please?