Saturday, September 18, 2010

Homeless World Cup Opening Ceremonies - Volunteers Needed

Have you been to an Olympic Games opening ceremony?  I've never been to the "official" games but I've attened two of the Gay Games ceremonies and it brought tears of pride and hope to my eyes.  Very powerful stuff.

Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. at Forte Leme will be the Parade of Nations followed by the Homeless World Cup Opening Ceremonies.  Then the games begin!  The format is a quick 14 minute game [8 players on the field], so stopping to watch for a while is pretty easy.

Better yet - VOLUNTEER to help make it the best event possible.  Word is they still could use some help.  Contact: Catriona Kay 8034-2279 or email her at   Serious calls and emails only, her plate is really full right now.  For more information about the event visit their website: Homeless World Cup. Or just show up with a good additude and I'm sure you will be put to work.  Volunteers are needed all week.

The current President and Co-founder of the Homeless World Cup is keeping a personal blog of his experiences at the games.  Check it out here.

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danb said...

I live on the wrong continent, but this sounds so great, such a great idea. Thanks for opening my eyes to it!