Monday, September 13, 2010

Brazilian breakfast

Many, many folks here in Brazil declare that all they eat for breakfast is a toasted pãozinho (little French bread roll) with butter, plus a cup of coffee. Every so often they include a piece of fruit. That’s it.

As a so-called American I get curious questions from students all the time wondering why folks in the United States eat so much for breakfast: eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns, coffee and juice. They are incredulous. “No wonder you all are so fat! (I do point out that this is more stereotype than daily fare.)

I still get strange looks from my mother in law when I fill a bowl with Fiber One cereal and top it with sliced banana and yogurt. One cross-cultural breakfast success has been my banana pancakes. Whenever I make them for Luiz I cook off a few extra and then freeze them for future cravings. Ready-to-eat.

Let me blow a hole in this idea that Brazilians eat tiny breakfasts. This is certainly not true when they are on vacation. How many times have you heard about the fabulous breakfasts served at pousadas? Trust me, the Brazilian guests are not passing on all those cakes, pastries, fresh breads, fruits, cheese, ham, and maybe even fresh-cooked eggs.

Luiz and I just went on an excursion to São Lourenço and stayed at a nice hotel. The breakfast spread was ridiculous! So much for simple buttered toast and coffee!

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Fiona said...

mmm.. now I can hardly wait for breakfast. Maybe I'll fry a few sausages and eggs to go with my paozinho and coffee. 7 more hours till breakfast time!