Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Homeless World Cup in Rio update

This interview was originally posted on the Homeless World Cup website.  I'm reposting it here because it ROCKS!  Visit the website for more news and information about the event and to see the schedule of matches posted each day.

Team Canada embraces Homeless World Cup spirit

We caught up with Peter Chow of Team Canada to see how he and his team mates are enjoying the 2010 Homeless World Cup.

For most teams a heavy defeat in their opening tournament fixture would have a demoralising effect.

But for Team Canada, who lost their opening game against an experienced Ireland team 14-0, this has acted only to galvanise their moral and team spirit.

Canadian striker Peter Chow would only draw positives from the game and was grateful for what he feels was an important experience for the team.

'It was certainly a baptism of fire!' he said.

'We were a little intimidated and very nervous before kick-off. But the Ireland team were great, they offered us advise and support. They were very noble in victory and that leaves us in good stead for the next game'.

'The way we see it is that we came here with an empty glass, regardless of results and scorelines, this tournament has given us the chance to fill it'.

Chow, who has overcome substance abuse and mental health problems caused by alienation and disassociation issues, spoke of the importance of being welcomed into a group and the togetherness and support between the Canada teams.

'It's an amazing bond. A brotherhood. We are together in this, today we have celebrated a birthday in the team' he said.

'Perhaps in the past some of us have looked for love in the wrong places, but this feels like a surrogate family, we have gathered an amazing momentum here'.

As the team prepared to face Romania in their second game of the tournament Chow explained how easy it is to look past results.

'When you step onto the pitch and the crowd are chanting that is all you need. They are there for you. To see your skill and your play, they are embracing who you are'.

The striker failed to score in the opening game but was selfless in setting up a consolation goal for a team mate, but this doesn't worry him'.

'I've already scored the greatest goal of my life. Playing at the Homeless World Cup.'

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lifeinrocinha said...

I met Peter Chow and the Canadian team..today as I have volunteered the last 3 days. On Saturday I will be giving the players a free tour of my favela and I have some hockey sticks so we are going to set up a little game with the kids..its going to be awesome!