Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art and school supplies for Rocinha kids – update

OK, so we have a little over R$800, which is fantastic. We’re ready to kick this project in gear and get it done.  Our goal is to buy 40 string backpacks (or so) and stock them with school supplies, and then to also buy loads of art supplies for Tio Lino's after school arts studio.  That's the plan.

But then the Special Police began their favela invasion operation (which is a good thing, on balance). For now they are in a community very distant from Rocinha, but word on the street and in the news is that Rocinha is next on their list.

I’m in contact with Zezinho. He has some personal business that must be his priority for the next week or two. And he agrees that if the BOPE forces start to move into Rocinha we must wait for all of that to calm down before we do anything.

But there is still a good chance this will happen before Xmas.

Stay tuned.

And if you are one of several folks I have heard from who waited too long, until I took down the sidebar link to PayPal, fear not – the PayPal account is still active (just not being publicized). You can go back to my original appeal post, use the link there, and go make your donation. I’ll let you know when we get it.

Thanks again everybody.

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lifeinrocinha said...

today i just was able to buy 30 string backpacks..i am still trying to find out if there will be a christmas party or not.

I will keep you updated as with a possible police invasion, things may have to be put on hold.

I want to thank ALL OF YOU who decided to help us promote education in my home of Rocinha. I know the kids will love this!

Thank you to all who donated!

For those wanting to know more about favela life, Rocinha or what is going on in the comunity, check out my Blog

Zezinho da Rocinha